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Our revolutionary platform takes zero commissions on reservations. That means that you can enter your businness for free without paying any fees on bookings. List your company for free and reach a large audience of travellers.


In AdviceTourism believe in a sustainable business model for the hosts and the travellers.
The zero commissions system leaves all the profit to the host, so the tourist/traveler will be able to have greater benefits in terms of price and/or


We take care about our hosts.
We ofer a 24/7 support, visibility, insertation of facility, zero commissions on reservations and 1 year of subscription included. So, start to listing your company for free. You’ll pay nothing during your first-year welcome.


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Fill the form with your information. It’s free and easy to register on our paltform.

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Log in to your dashboard and add your business info. Then Fill in all fields to best present your business.

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Manage your list with image, details, describe your space and anything you want to know to your guests.

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Wait for your first guest and get paid. Remember, we’ll take nothing from its booking


Register now. For you 1 year of subscription included in the offer

We believe that the fixed subscription is more advantageous for both the host and the traveler. The commission-based system can become a problem for hosts, who are always forced to give up a significant percentage of all bookings received to the host site. The flat-fee system, on the other hand, leaves all the profit to the hosts. By doing so, the host has no strings attached, and the tourist/traveler will be able to have greater benefits in terms of price and/or services.

Indeed. AdviceTourism is a revolutionary portal that aims to place the host, in a context of international visibility, in the condition of being able to operate in absolute freedom and without oppressive constraints, thus enabling them to expand their commercial reach.

Again, the answer is affirmative. AdviceTourism wishes to get in touch with and give international visibility to all businesses, including non-hotel businesses, and located anywhere  in the world.

Being part of AdviceTourism means getting international feedback, i.e. considerably increasing your visibility: more visibility, more bookings, more earnings. When discussing tourism, it is essential to clarify that we are talking about any form of tourism: sports, relaxation, business, cultural, pet friendly, artistic, and much more.

AdviceTourism is the international tourism promotion platform that has been missing.

No. First, you need to evaluate, understand, and only then will you decide to subscribe. We suggest you read all of these “FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions” so that you have a set of answers to your questions. All clear?

Now click on “Start Registration,” enter your information, calmly fill out your form, and only after that, if you are satisfied with the result, will you make the payment, thus activating your subscription and joining the big AdviceTourism family. If, on the other hand, you decide not to go ahead and activate your subscription, you will not have to pay anything.

No. 5 days before your subscription plan expires, you will receive an email notice.

You will be able to decide whether to renew it or choose another plan.

You can subscribe with your PayPal account or major credit cards.


1 – Click on the “enter your business” button.
2 – Choose the plan and press “subscribe”.
3 – Select the Registration item, fill out the form and press the Registration button.
4 – A message and e-mail will notify you that you have registered.

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5 – Log in to your dashboard.
6 – Add your business.
7 – Select the plan you wish to purchase.
8 – Select the category of interest.

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9 – Fill in all fields to best present your business.
10 – For the map, try to enter the address without commas or periods and press enter, then select the correct address from those proposed.
11 – Enter the correct full address here.
12 – Enter images (at least 4 for the slider to work properly).

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13 – Once the compilation is complete, you can preview the appearance of the advertisement.

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14 – You can now proceed to payment.
If you have a coupon click here, enter it in the appropriate field and press “apply coupon”.
15 – Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a message and a confirmation email with your order summary. We will also send an email as soon as the ad is posted.

Register, access your dashboard, select the plan that is right for you, select the category you are interested in, fill in the fields that best describe your business, and proceed to the payment page.

You can enter it in the appropriate field (as pictured) before finalizing the payment so you can take advantage of the discount dedicated to you.

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“Certified membership”

By entering your facility or business, you will receive the exclusive sticker “CERTIFIED MEMBER”, Certified membership. Thus allowing you to be visible, recognized, and identified by both the tourists who have already booked and future travelers from all over the world.

What are you waiting for: Join the big AdviceTourism family, too.